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organization transformation project
Has anyone managed an organization transformation project and has any templates that would like to share? I am about to embark and would appreciate any guidance on templates, techniques that worked, status reports templates

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A good guidance is PMI's Brightline transformation compass.
Keep in mind that transformation success depends on the employees. Any change management process is also helpful.
No templates I've used, although I have downloaded a business transformation readiness assessment workbook from Infotech. I'm planning to use it, or something like it, later this year.

One thing to keep in mind: an organization transformation project may very well be more than one project. You'll want to evaluate whether the company has the capabilities needed to transform, and that leadership is committed to creating and evangelizing the vision.

If it's a full transformation, you'll likely be dealing with technology change, process change, business model change, and culture/people change. You may need both a project manager and an organizational change manager. If the transformation is bigger than a project (think program or portfolio), you may also need a Transformation Manager.

I'm not suggesting you make it top heavy, just trying to emphasize that you need to create a realistic picture of what is involved and determine the type of organization you will need to successfully transform.

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