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in a scrum agile project how frequent the demo should happen?
in a scrum agile project how frequent the demo should happen? and is it done before moving it to QA
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The demo (Sprint Review) should happen for every sprint - typically on the last day of each sprint or soon after. That ought to be after QA, i.e. after the increment is "done", because QA is a necessary part of delivering a production quality product increment.
I agree with David. Those are basics in scrum. Every sprint there should be a sprint review and the length of it depends on the length of the sprint but up to a max of 4 hours for a 1 month sprint.
And don't call it a demo as that implies a "push" whereas a review is a "pull" designed to solicit feedback from stakeholders.

However, the PO should be seeing completed work items as they are being completed and (if you adhere to XP's principles) anyone can drop by to see the most current build at any time...

Agree with what was shared above.
We call it a showcase .
We "Showcase" our achievements over the last sprint . If we are incrementally developing product features then we show what new functionality has been implemented in the system, if we are developing a software system.
If we are doing process improvements, we talk about what has improved since the last sprint.

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