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i would like to make a suggestion for discussing
Why PMI till the now has no power/influence on project managers' behaviors and the way they have been using to manage their resources, especially manpower.

Many companies employing their PM by their skills in forcing and suppression peoples.

They are convinced that this is the right way to achieve targets while they are believing that everybody in their organization seeking for another place with different people hoping they will be different.

It is the missing of humanity!

My question is why don't PMI take the responsibility not just to award certifications but also to discipline project managers even they are not members or certificated from PMI.

I think it might be a significant international institute to judge and monitor fairly the employees complains all over the world.
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Dear Mostafa
Interesting your question

Thanks for sharing

You wrote:
"Many companies employing their PM by their skills in forcing and suppression peoples"

"They are convinced that this is the right way to achieve targets while they are believing that everybody in their organization seeking for another place with different people hoping they will be different"

What makes you think (and write) that?

I am sorry to tell you that your suggestion does not make any sense for various reasons.

1 - labour laws are exclusively of the responsability of each country,for example you cannot create an international medical order, because each country has its own and is governed by the laws of the country where it is inserted.

2 - PMI is not the only institution that certifies Project Managers, you have IPMA, PM2, KPM , the influence of each institution is different according the geographical region and the business area.

3 - The right way of PMI influence companies, project managers etc.. is spreading the project management knowledge across the world , then it is up to each one using their free will to adhere to PMI project management principles or not.


I totally agree with Alexandre. PMI has a code of ethics as those holders of PMI credentials should follow that code of ethics and of course even others who are not holding PMI credentials.

You might have had a bad experience working with an organization who carries themselves in this way but that doesn’t mean all organizations do the same. This is an organizational issue, not a general issue.

Those are my 2 cents.

As stated by my colleagues, PMI provides credentials to your demonstrated knowledge and experience. They do not act as a police force to ensure you use them appropriately.

It is much the same as how universities provide degrees based on demonstrated level of knowledge, but they do not revoke those degrees if you use the knowledge for evil as opposed to for good.

I feel with you.

The world does not behave as we project managers think or tell others it should. Servant leadership as vision is promoted by PMI and most in its community, and especially agile proponents. Coercive leadership or abuse of power as you describe it is reality in many cases where checks and balances do not work well. It also is a feature in human behavior, as for example Lord of the Flies describes.

As others said, the PMI Code of Ethics only covers a small number of individuals for now but indeed is enforceable globally. Maybe some time we can cover also people or organizations who did not sign up, similar to sustainability gaining relevance. PMI or whoever does this needs permission, at least morally, better legally, but this is difficult when laws only exist on national level.

I have hope. Human values will prevail. Action brings reaction. Do not give up and become resilient.
Because is not a matter of the PMI. Is a matter of organizational culture. By the way, the PMI do not take nothing that could attemps with maintain the business. You can find lot of certifiy project managers that works on the military creating massive destruction weapons for example. That´s is not the same with other organizations like GPM. My perception is PMI´s Code of Ethics is just a requisite each organization must fullfil to get they certification schema audited and recognized by the organizations that work on auditing that but not because PMI´s pushed it a lot.
Interesting thought and discussion. Not a dictatorship or a policing body. As mentioned there is a code of conduct that is expected to be withheld.
While preparing to deploy this matter I was thinking about the role of labor law and how it has been effective.
The case studies pointing out that labor law isn't enough in controlling the whole environment of work, Especially things that touch the matter of code of ethics, leadership and the way that people treated and threatened because it is finally the arbitration tends to the highest power side.

I don't know, Maybe my post isn't applicable but I would like to share with you PMI experts the idea of unifying the roles especially for the things related to humanity leaving the countries labor law to handle other matters like holidays, overtime, insurance,... etc.

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