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Need help thinking this out, brainstorming solutions, etc. ????

I have two boards: 1. "Campaigns" 2. Editorial calendar"

board 1. Has monthly group The pulse is the "campaign" name which is generally a reoccurring event we have YOY for the client and then I broke it down into different sections for each person to mark off when they have completed each element involved in that campaign (i.e. design, emailer, website updates, etc) This is a more "at-a -glance" view which I like because Its easy to see all the things we have going on for the month

Problem: I dont think I need the columns with each persons task to check off when they are done that task bc it is one extra step for them when they have to do it on the editorial board anyways so basically the 2 purposes I would like to integrate is that "at a glance" view which is nice and its a place where i can store all the campaign details that people can easily access in 1 spot. This would make it easier for us to look back at the details YOY

Board 2. Breaks down each of the tasks that go into a "campaign" (i.e. design, emails, social posts, etc). the aspects I like on this board is being able to have the category section, Ive added checklists within a few pulses that go with that task and each task might have various due dates prior to the overall "campaign" due date.

Im trying to combine these two concepts into one board if possible with the least amount of steps my team would have to do as we are a small company and everyone is used to just kind of getting their work done and not having a system of managing it and knowing all the aspects that go into it which is what im trying to solve. (besides trello but thats super messy bc we dont know who is responsible for which tasks that go into the campaign and i dont think its the best system to keep us organized)

Here are a couple of ideas Ive roughly thought about but they all seem to have an aspect im not satisfied with lol.
- Making each group the campaign name and then all the tasks that go into that camapign will be the pulses under it the problem here is it doesnt give me 1 place to store all the details for that campaign.
- maybe there is something I can do with dependencies feature? ???????
- Ideally I would keep everything the same on the editorial board and monday would have the option to have "pulses" and "sub-pulses" ?? I would just create a pulse for the campaign that has all the info and then the sub pulses would be the tasks broken down for that campaign haha

open to ideas! share your boards! help me pleaseeee. Talking it out will probably help me a lot lol. Really trying to get the team on the board and thus far they arent crazy about it.

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