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China's World Weight in the Economic Sectors

China's global weight in PRODUCTION of:
Computers- 49%
Electrical Equipment - 59%
Machines - 47%
Cars - 33%
Textiles - 58%
Chemicals - 42%

Computers- 28%
Electrical Equipment - 21%
Machines - 14%
Cars - 7%
Textiles - 32%
Chemicals - 9%

China's world weight in CONSUMPTION of:
Computers- 38%
Electrical Equipment - 54%
Machines - 44%
Cars - 33%
Textiles - 46%
Chemicals - 40%

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

Based on these figures, what, in your opinion, is the impact on your projects and Project Management?
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Much greater than it was when SARS hit 17 years back, hence, the economic double-whammy other countries are facing based on local issues with COVID-19 and supply chain issues resulting from China's problems with COVID-19.

When China gets a sniffle, the rest of the world catches pneumonia...
In the past 30+ years, we went from a bipolar world (in terms of influence) to a monopolar (if that is a term) to now a multipolar world. US, China, Russia, India, EU, Africa all have and will have a share. We are deeper connected today than ever before, live in a world of abundance (Singularity University), and non-linear growth and speed.

I do not see China as a threat, but as part of a big opportunity. Are there risks? For sure. Conflicts? Yes. That is why we need projects and project management more than ever.

Welcome back, Luis.

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