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PMI-ACP and the upcoming changes to move to Disciplined Agile Certifications
I have a PMP and PMI-ACP. I have been in Adult Education since 2014, teaching Project Management and Agile.
I am VERY confused about how to move my ACP designation to PMI's new DA certifications, especially in regards to the CDAI designation.
Can anyone help me understand the process? I wrote to PMI Customer Service but their response was vague, at best.
Trina -

The DA integration into PMI is still a work in progress. Would suggest you review the DA certification roadmap here as it does highlight the linkage between the ACP and the DA certs:

I've been a CDAI since 2016 and one of the changes which they have made this year is that you can only teach if you are associated with a PMI/DA training partner. So if you wish to be a solo instructor, you'd need to join as a training partner in addition to paying the one-time and ongoing costs of being a CDAI.

If you need further info on this, feel free to message me privately.


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