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Support Plan
Does anyone have a good template for and instructions on how to create a basic support plan to convert an implementation team to a support team. We work with a third party support service desk and need to write KBAs for that team. Many of our IT folks are not programming but learning a package software and then expected to support that software (much of the support is often done by vendors) - so our team often serves only as a conduit between clinical staff and vendors - but need to learn some basic troubleshooting to be able to support our clinical staff in a 24/7 environment. I'm looking for some basic support plan templates so as the PMO manager I can put some structure around the way PMs engage the project team, hold meetings to identify potential support issues, write Knowledge Base articles and train the team to be able to do the support transition. Thanks!
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Hopefully I'm following the scenario so please correct me if I'm not.

If you're using a 3rd party support desk service, they should either be providing you a template they can easily merge into their knowledge base or work directly with the implementation vendor to create. As the user of the software, you will have access to this documentation. You may also have "admins" who are authorized to submit tickets to the help desk. The admin may also need to verify some basic steps when submitting a ticket (i.e. error message on the screen, steps to recreate, did you reboot, etc). From my experience, putting the implementation vendor and outsourced help desk into direct contact is most efficient.
If the PMO is on the hook for this, but I did Google KBA templates and a few things showed up.
Hope this helps.
Dear Meredith,

Did you ask the vendor of the software package that you are supporting whether they have implemented similar solutions in the past.

It sounds like you already have the knowledge of how to support the application in house, it is just the case of working out the processes.

If the vendor can not assist you, you will need to build the solution from the ground up so see what existing information is on you systems by asking your team to document as much as possible of their own knowledge of the system without overlapping. Look at statistics of areas of the application that cause most issues, FAQ etc.

There is process diagrams and templates available on the website that may help you further.


your assumption to convert an implementation team into a maintenance team might not be the best idea, it is not a good practice either. Done this, been there.

Maintenance teams are different in mindset, more quality and end user focused vs creative and sponsor focused. They normally earn less and their reputation is lower. Their work needs to be process and SLA driven, as you say 24/7, implementation is more team, deadline and value driven. Many maintenance teams are outsourced, especially in package SW support.

If you try to use implementation teams for maintenance, you might face attrition, low satisfaction, bad service and high cost. And you loose the developer's capacity for new projects.

You might try DevOps though, if that's appropriate for your organization and the package SW you implement.

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