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Does anyone have any good PMP Exam Prep Vendors to recommend?
I just failed my first try at the PMP exam. Needless to say im very disappointed. I am aiming to change that quickly. I took an exam prep course on Udemy which was highly rated and had the most downloads. I studied for about 5 months hardcore. Come the day of the exam the questions were highly situational and did not even remotely compare to the prep exam questions from the course. I feed like i was under prepared and I am know needing assistance from someone who has just past the exam an iron clad vendor(online) that will give me a better chance at studying for the situational questions that are asked on the exam! PLEASE HELP! THIS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!
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Few things I wanted to put forth before making any suggestion:
1. Mostly online exam prep I have came across are not good enough to give you a good feel and depth of actual exam. Mostly they try to cover the basics clear and help you in remembering some terms and process.
2. Most of the question in PMP exam are situational, as you have already tried ones so I hope now you have a clear understanding. This require you to be experienced enough on topics to judge which is best answer. So it would be good if you do a self assessment where you stand w.r.t. experience and knowledge.
3. Please use the result (assessment ) to check the knowledge gap and try to address them.

Now the possible reference or exam prep which I know are better than others are Rita Mulcahy and Simplilearn.

You can google them and check what is the feedback from others.

Hope this will help.

All the best.

Sorry to hear that but don't feel discouraged. From my experience, I can recommend the following in terms of study plans and resources is the following: (Provided you are taking the current version of the exam):

- PMBOK 6th Edition + Exam Content Outline
- Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam 9th

Courses and Simulation Exams:
- RMC Solutions (Simulation Exams)
- PM PrepCast (Simulation Exams)
- Udemy (Joseph Philips Course)

Hope this helps - Good Luck !

Hey John,
IMHO, you should get more practice by means of exam simulators. The best exam simulator is the one that:
(a) is relevant, accurate, and challenging
(b) *features question explanations*
(c) creates the experience that is as close to the real exam as possible
(d) is worth investment
(e) helps you track your progress as you proceed through studying

Try - I believe these exams are among the best out there.
Good luck!

Its really disheartening to learn about not clearing exam. And you skip the beat for sure when result flashes.

My suggestion would be to go through PMBOK thoroughly & refer to Rita Mulachy's latest book edition. You can take simulator exams from RMC as well which should give you good idea.

Avoid using non-referenced web-sites for taking mock exams as they may contain wrong answers which develops incorrect understanding thereby disturbing equilibrium..

Wish you good luck.

Let us know what worked for you when you clear the exam.

Try I purchased his PMP mentor course and just one month he delivered.
I used Joseph Phillips' course on I'm not sure if it's the exact same course as the Udemy course or not, but it is a lot cheaper ($10/month subscription for all courses). This course was good for going over the basics, but I didn't find the practice exam too useful. It was more focused on terms than concepts or situations. I went through the course once in real time, and once on fast forward. I took notes the 2nd time through.

I used and recommend Head First PMP as a textbook. The book breaks everything clearly and is written in such a way as to make the learning process fun. The practice exam is much closer to the real exam than the Phillips course. I read the book once, and then went back and took notes the 2nd time through.

I searched YouTube for some mnemonic tools and brain dump ideas for the formulas and processes, but I didn't really end up needing that much on the exam. The book was the most useful for me.

What was the Udemy course you used?
Udemy is really good and has a lot of options. The student reviews and ratings for the classes are useful in weeding out the bad ones.
After a 6 month study plan, I passed on my first try 7/1/2020! I used PM Prepcast exam simulator, I highly recommend it.
I had also taken the Udemy course.
The course itself was good as Joseph explain certain things quite well - however I don't think the sample exams were that useful compared to others I did.
I did all 8 sample exams from PrepCast, the sample questions in Rita's book and I also did the 200 free questions from Oliver Lehman.
These questions were good in testing my knowledge on what I have learned.
But be prepared for the exam questions to look different than what you are used to in these sample exams (I found the exam tougher) - but as long as you have a good understanding of the PMBOK Guide; you will do fine.

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