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Lean Six Sigma Training
Hi team,

Do you know if you complete the Green Six sigma training can it go towards earning PDU's.
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Yes you should be able use them for PDUs for maintaining your certificate. If it is from REP then it will be approved without further clarification. If it is from others then it depends on PMI to accept or partially accept it.

If you want them to be considered for PMP exam (35 PDUs), then it may not be considered and it would be good to clarify with PMI before submitting the application for exam.
My recommendation is going to PMI┬┤s Customer Care.
If you use training from a PMI Registered Education Provider (like then you will get a certificate for PDUs toward PMI certification and re-certification. For example, the Six Sigma Black Belt course completion is good for a whopping 144 PDUs. That is more than enough for your entire re-certification and to carry-over the additional 20 PDUs for your next re-certification cycle.

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