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PMI-ACP® Workbook by Mike Griffiths
Does anyone recommend using PMI-ACP® Workbook by Mike Griffiths in addition to his Exam prep book? I am reading his exam prep book but was also considering using the Workbook. But before I purchase, I wanted to see if anyone has used it and share their experience.
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Naturally the PMI guide is easy and simple to use. It's free for PMI Members :

I have both. If you are experienced with Agile the workbook may be all you need. If not then the exam prep book is all that is needed. You would be better investing in an exam simulator to go along with the exam prep book in my opinion.
I recommend both resources by Mike but don't reply solely on the PMI Guide because it is very brief and doesn't cover everything.
Hi? Everyone, how can I get access to the webinars?
I do not know Mike workbook. Just I can say that a read and heard lot of people that said Mike´s book helped them to approve the exam. The key is to be aware of the PMI-ACP reference list
PM PrepCast has some good PMI-ACP practice questions.
It's definitely must-read book.

You can check the article on ACP preparation on my LinkedIn profile.

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