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work performance data
Does work performance data provides a sound foundation for project decisions? I am sure it does, and that is what I see it mentioned in PMBOK 6 guide. But a recent mock PMP set of questions says it doesn't. Could you please clarify? I have been told that its the work performance information and not data that impacts the project decisions. I am of the opinion that both impacts and provide sound foundation for project decision.
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Can you provide a sample PMP question or two?
Work performance data :
A. Is a representation of work performance information
B. Provides a sound foundation for project decisions
C. Is gathered through work execution
D. All of the above

I have been told that C is the right answer for this.

for your example question I would agree, since C is definitely correct and A is not. Hence B should be wrong.

Data itself is a foundation for decision, but it needs interpretation, analysis and context to become information. Information is a more direct foundation for decisions.

Data would be that it took you 5 days to complete a task.
What decision would you take now? You cannot tell.

Only when you know that the task was planned for 10 days you can decide. The information is it took half the time planned. My decision would be to be suspicious and try to understand why the estimate was so wrong.
Thank you!
I am confused because of the following statement in PMBOK.

"Interpreting work performance data and the additional information as a whole provides a context that provides a sound foundation for project decisions".
Well, they just left out the term information.
Interpreted data is information.
Thank you Thomas Walenta and Marcus Udokang. for the clarifications.
The analogy I always use to explain the differences between WPD, WPI and WPRs are:

1. WPD is raw eggs - you can eat them but there are risks of disease and they just aren't that tasty

2. WPI is boiled eggs - safer, but still something lacking

3. WPR is a Cobb Salad - providing a complete, "filling" picture

I would say C.
Kiron and Thomas made good points.
Work performance data is raw content that is difficult to interpret globally to take decisions. Work performance information is work performance data translated and resumed, to help make decisions. Work performance reports reunite work performance data.

For example, there is a tool to manage telework. In this tool, information of tasks are stored in Trello (raw information, project data), and this information is translated in work performance information, and summarized in a work performance report in Power BI. This newfangled tool is called TeleworkingMonitoring and you can find it in this link:
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