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Project Management Case Study for Interview
Have you used any case studies or short exercises when interviewing a PM that allows the candidate to showcase not only their knowledge but also how they would apply that to a particular problem? I'm looking for ideas or short cases studies. Please let me know if you have one and why you recommend it.
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My employer's interview questions are all situational. They ask the candidate to describe a time in their career when they demonstrated some skill or quality desired by the hiring team. They could be ethics, working together, technical skills, etc.

Those candidate stories are really mini case studies about themselves, rather than hypothetical questions about how they would perform in the future.
Thanks Keith! This is along the lines what I'm looking for.
If you have specific examples, that'd be helpful. I'm doing a bit of research as I'm crafting an exercise.
The basic formula is: Describe a situation where you had to insert desired quality here. What was the situation, what did you do, and what was the outcome? Work situations are preferred.

Typical examples include: Were faced with a difficult ethical situation, had to report bad news to your customer, used your technical skills to solve a problem, had to motivate your team to overcome a difficult challenge, resolved a scheduling issue to meet a tight deadline...

Think of any job function. Describe the needed employee skills and traits (some of these may be general organizational priorities like ethics). Those become the questions.
I agree with Keith. Most of the questions that I ask are all around situations or how that person would handle stress/conflict/politics etc.

Examples could be:
- How would you handle conflict between two of your team members who were refusing to back down? or how do you handle conflict in remote teams?
- Can you give me an example of a time in your career when you've had to manage sensitive stakeholders/ tight deadlines/ difficult working conditions?

Does that help with the sort of information that you're looking for?

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