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What is the difference between Citizen Development and Low-code, No-Code?
I would like to know if there is a difference between Citizen Development and LCNC. If not, would it be fair to say Citizen Development is a synonym for LCNC?
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Semantically the same but it depends on who you talk to and what problem you are solving. I think CD is broader in scope than LCNC and could include RPA and Excel Macros! CD is a method using tech to solve a problem.
From my point of view, we refer to LCNC to talk about the technology. LCNC application platforms allow you to do x, y, z. Citizen Development is a wider term that includes not only the people creating applications but also those who are managing them.
Hi Maelisa,
LCNC is only one aspect of Citizen Development. As abstraction in technology advances,QRQC you will see it all kinds of other fields. Citizen Development is the framework.
I agree with Octavio.

LCNC refers to the tools used to facilitate developing applications.

CD refers to apps developed at work group level (the "citizens") which is applicable more broadly throughout an organization rather than the traditional development model where the IT department develops and deploying apps from the top down.
Citizen development is living with us since VBA scripting and related tools. Nowadays, there are "Citizen Development" for RPA and also for SAP businesses processes.
LCNC is related to a framework/platform/environment to develop applications.
Citizen Development is a framework or a process to be put in place in the organization that has a lot of Shadow IT going out of control and Low-Code/No-Cde are Software platform to build any type of Software quickly, as project Management is a framework for creating and managing any type of project.

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