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Hello everyone. My name is Shannon. I am currenting working towards my doctorate in Business Administration for Project Management, and I have come across a small snag. I was trying to see if anyone knew of any research from 2019 or 2020 that may hold current baseline regarding the failures of new product development, mainly due to the front-end. My research is based on the practices of the front-end, especially surround the uncertainty and decision-making processes. I have been able to find data but many have been cited from previous research and it would help greatly if there was any released research that has current data. I appreciate the help greatly.
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I found the articles

Do you have access to HBR, Mckinsey, and those databases?
There are a lot of papers on project failures by
or by

Also you should be able to find something here
or on IJPM on sciencedirect

Good luck, Thomas
I like professional insights into the management of megaprojects offered by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg.
The link provides you with a reference to his recent publications:

I recommend reviewing the work of Dr. Juliano Denicol, too.
Thank you for both the questions and answers provided!
This Windows Files Library might be able to help you.

Go here

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