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How difficult could EVM be?
Hello everyone, nowadays I´m getting prepare for my PMP exam but I feel a little bit weak in EVM knowledge, do you have a recommendation, book, article or information, advice that I can use to learn more about it?. Thanks to all.
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A good PMP exam prep book will cover what you need to know for the exam. You should be able to find several good options in the PMI bookstore.
Mar 17, 2021 12:20 PM
thanks man, I´m getting ready
The PMI´s EVM standard can help you.
Ivan -

The feedback I've got from a few folks who have taken the exam over the past year is that the volume of EVM calculation questions has decreased quite a bit.

Having said that, practice will be your best way of improving your understanding of EVM, so I'd echo Aaron's advice to start with a good self-study guide that has lots of practice questions and then once you pass your PMP exam, take Sergio's advice and ready the EVM standard to broaden your understanding of how to apply it.

I would recommend studying the formulas with respect to how they work and what they mean. When tutoring students, I find people struggle to memorize formulas and then pick which formula to use in a given problem. If you understand how the formulas work to provide desired information, you can derive any of them yourself fairly easily.

Performance index formulas are ratios/percentages of how much you completed or how long it took compared to the plan. Variance formulas are simply the difference between planned hours or cost, and actual. Some formulas try to project where the project will be at completion by considering past performance, whether ahead/on/behind plan, and making assumptions about whether the future performance will be on plan, or similar to prior performance.

If you can explain what each formula does, you can probably derive it yourself. DON'T however rely on that during the exam. It takes too long. Memorize all the formulas and immediately write them down as soon as you are permitted. You only need to remember them for that day. That will save a lot of time during the exam itself.
Mar 17, 2021 12:43 AM
Replying to Aaron Porter
A good PMP exam prep book will cover what you need to know for the exam. You should be able to find several good options in the PMI bookstore.
thanks man, I´m getting ready
thanks to everyone I have downloaded the Standard Earned Value and I am going to follow those advices, thanks to everyone, anything I can support you, just let me know. I will happy to contribute with you

for the PMP certification...!

The article by Walt Lipke, "Schedule is different" is very informative.
He explains why time-based SPI is preferable to standard SPI, but you also learn a lot about EVM. It's only 10 pages. Just google "Schedule is Different"
Your hard work will pay off, Ivan

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