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Citizen Developer Framework / Confirmed Best Practices Sharing
Hi Everyone, i would like to learn about your actual experience about deploy Citizen Developer program in your working environment, especially manufacturing plants
1) What are the necessary digital skill / tool target to be upskilling (O365 - Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate; BluePrism / UiPath RPA; KNIME / Data Analytics, etc...)
2) How does the qualification methodology look like? By internal expert interview & qualify, obtain formal industrial cert, actual self-developed solution tracking, etc...
3) What are the possibly best metrics / CSIs? We thought of number developed and completely-in-using apps but there are some downsides as well. Productivities soft-saving could be a choice.
4) What are your best practices when applying this program? Any common reasons for success and failures?

Appreciate all the thoughts and open discussion as well.

Thanks and best regards,
Hi Nhan - Great questions! I would love to give you clear, definite answers, but from my experience, there are so many variables to consider. My response will be general in nature, but I hope helpful.

First, PMI has a number of things that can support your upskilling in Citizen Development. You have already found the Citizen Development page. It is a great resource. Keep plugged into this community.

Second, the Citizen Developer Handbook ( is another great resource that will give you a solid understanding of the end-to-end journey for both Citizen Developers and Organizations wanting to implement CD into their operating models.

Finally, the CD Practitioner Course ( was just launched and does a deep dive on the steps and best practices for identifying CD projects, conducting business analysis, gathering requirements, the steps to design, develop, and deploy apps, plus much more. By taking this course you can also get a micro-credential. The course also has some case studies that could provide you additional insights.

Regarding which digital tool or low-code/no-code to learn, there are many on the market and it all depends on what you are wanting to create. In all cases, I would recommend that you start with a smaller project and get a few apps under your belt. Many of the vendors have sample apps/templates to use as a starting point. Try a few different tools to see how you like the platforms.

Experiment and don't be afraid to pivot when you need to.

Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck on your learning journey.

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