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PMI's AH-MC Exam
Did anyone take PMI's AH-MC exam after it was released to the public, say in May - Jul and what was your experience and assessment?
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It is fairly easy - Mainly experience and course-based assessement.
Hello, If anyone could you help me regarding PMI-Agile Hybrid Professional Pro Exam. I have 2 times been unscuccesful.
Guide Me to Pass the Exam

Besides having agile exprience, the course is more than enough. I am not aware of additional material but you can read Mike Griffth book PMI-ACP exam prep but thats too much for this micro-credential, however, you will benefit knowledge wise.

Good Luck.

I'm going through the course, now. I decided to do all the reading, even though I'm familiar with a lot of the material. The scenarios and questions are easy, but it's a lot of reading articles. If the rest of the modules are like the first two, it's going to take me more than 13 hours.
Planning to take the exam today. The course is great because it focuses on practices and actual cases.

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