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Enhance for sustainability approach.
Pandemic encouraged governments and organizations to develop a new manner of thought that goes beyond of short-medium term to create well-being. I would like to have new ideas about how small and medium business organizations may be supported to implement a sustainable approach. In other words, how do you think could be a strategy to lead others in this approach.
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Elena -

It needs to start from within in terms of corporate core values and commitment to those by the executive leadership team before looking for assistance from outside.

If you want to try and influence the strategic approach of others, help them understand the fundamental question, "What's in it for me?"
In my actual work place the whole company is compromised with sustainability in terms of the three pillars: environment, economy and society. This compromise is not words only, there are actions about that including it using related things in our portfolio, programs and projects. We are not using it but there is a movement in project management called GPM (Green Project Management).
it's a very interesant approach the Green Project Management (GPM). Thanks Sergio for giving this information.
Thanks for your ideas!
Hi Elena,

I see 2 aspects of this: the sustainability of the product produced by a project and sustainability of project activities.

in the product case, I do not see the project (manager) in charge. Sustainability must be required by the customer, the sponsor and the product owner, and it must be included in the business case as it affects project cost and schedule. A project (manager) may request from the customer to consider sustainability, but if so, I think the goal is already spoiled.

Sustainability of project activities are more on part of the project (manager). The project approach, maybe quality requirements, and the way of working in the project can be suggested by the project (manager), though in many cases it has to be accepted or even approved by the sponsor (talk about delegation).
It means for example to avoid travel, have paperless communication, reduce waste, increase safety and health. Some of this comes with extra cost compared to ways of working without considering sustainability.


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