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Citizen Development in Public Sector
I'm interested in going deeper into PMI citizen development and possibly taking the courses. However, I would like to be able to using it my sector (county government) and not sure if the opportunities exist. I would love to hear from a citizen developer who also works in the public sector or has successfully used the best practices in the public sector.
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I didn't work in publich sector but I believe CD is applicable in any sector.
Hello Dumile - have you reviewed our various articles, blogs, webinar videos, conversations, etc. on our dedicated Citizen Developer Community page on There is a plethora of information that may assist in answering your question. For example, a great article that may be of interest to you is

I hope this helps!
If you only see citizen development as the ability to leverage tools to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, then you won't have as many opportunities at the country level.

Citizen development as improving the lot of your citizens through the provision of appropriate services is useful in any context.
Hello Dumile,

I started doing Citizen Development before PMI Citizen Development was launched. I was coming from the IT High Code application development using Oracle Developer Suite 6i/9i/10/11g working at University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

When I moved to US I landed a position working at Board of Regents of the University System of Gorgia as an ETL Developer using Oracle Data Integration (ODI) but due to the issue with the Server was dying, they needed to rebuilt the old application created with Oracle WebDB using Oracle APEX 4.0 the Low-Code/No-Code platform from Oracle. The Old app was created by 5 team members but I used Oracle APEX and rebuilt the similar app MVP in 4 months on the job.

few years ago, I accepted a position with the State of Colorado, Department of transportation to build Dashboards for the Executive, Regional Transportation Directors, Frontline Managers and other Managers and I built amazing Dashboards using Microsoft Power BI Low-Code/No-Code platform. My first prototype Dashboard for Employee Overtime Dashboard was built in 1 week and it was adopted in the first month. I built 6 more dashboard there after including Vegetation Management, Colorado Asset Inventory etc...

I also rebuild the Internal Division of Maintenance and Operations (DMO) website plus 8 Units websites under the DMO using Google Cloud Sites Low-Code/No-Code Web platform moving from Plone Pythone-based CMS.

The above information is to tell you that government sector are also using these Low-Code/No-Code platform to save time and money and the result is stunning due to the backlog from IT for Example, the DMO website was not updated for 3 years because the person who were maintaining the Internal Website left the job and there were no person in the team to assist with the website until when I was hired and rebuilt the entire Division Internal Website in 1 month. Here is an example of my google site website at I hope this will give you an insight on rapidely using these tools and platform to save money and time for delivering sophisticated product
My recommendation is taking into account that this is not a PMI´s property. In my actual work place we are using this concept from long time ago then is about to empower the users. My recommendation is going to external source like Microsoft to real understand what it does mean and use it.
Courses would be beneficial in this topic to learning how to facilitate productive teamwork practices.
Hello Dumile,

There was a new article recently published on our site with more information for Government organizations called "A Guide for Government Organizations to Citizen Development Using Low-Code or No-Code" -

This may be another resource in applying CD within the public sector. Hope you find it useful!

- Kimberly

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