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Seeking help
I recently passed my CAPM exam AT in 12/13 sections and have 5 years of work/volunteer/internship experience in the healthcare field and ~3 years assisting in projects. I am having trouble finding a paid work opportunity in the Greater Toronto Area.

Can anyone anyone provide some tips/advice or give me some feedback on my resume?

Thank you
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I do not know nothing about Canada market, no matter I worked a lot with people in this country because my duties along the years. With that said, the following comment is just my personal experience, no more than that: 1-PMP credential will make the difference. 2-whats matter is the experience, not the credential. The credential matter just when to select two persons with the same experience and one has a credential and the other has not a credential. So making visible your experience seems to be key to find a paid job.
Hey Hammaan, I won't be able to help with directing you to a specific job opportunity but if I can take a look at your resume and provide some inputs. Please note that I'm not a professional resume writer.
Hamman each market/country is very different related resumes and work opportunities.
I would like to recommend you to join the local chapter and ask for recommendations, also you will have the opportunity to network with professionals in the area.
It would always be a good idea to refer to your professional experiences.

indeed most jobs are found thru connections, as we think we can trust someone who is trusted by someone else we know/trust.

If I hire someone, attitudes, experiences, proven knowledge and certifications play a role, in this sequence.

So the best way to find a job, according to Pareto, is to extend and deepen your network.


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