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Agile Project Management Approach
I am preparing for PMP exam. I have a confusion on how to invoke the Knowledge Areas in a change-driven project. I will do same processes under Planning, Executing and Monitoring & Controlling as described in PMBOK Project Management Life Cycle or it will be different? The difference will be only my approach to be more adaptive and decrease the level of initial planning based on iterative or incremental. Does that mean in agile I need to frequently move back and forth between Planning, Executing and Monitoring & Controlling phases? Can a project be considered agile if I use scrum framework - product backlog, sprint backlog, sprint planning, daily standup, sprint review, retrospect and release planning etc. Can someone help me map some of the processes to the scrum framework. Is difference between Hybrid and Agile is subjective and cant be firmly defined?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.
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If you are preparing for PMP exam my recomendation is forget about the real life. You must answer what the PMI expect as an answer in the framework of the PMBOK. No more than that to be successful and taken into account that questions are situational questions.
Vipin, I suggest reading pages 90 - 95 in the Agile Practice Guide for application of knowledge areas in Agile.

Also pages 27 -29 for understanding hybrid project management. Hybrids are of varying frameworks and proportions.

Also read the Scrum Guide at if you have not already done so.

There is no need to map processes to the Scrum framework. Instead, understand how the 3-5-3 Scrum framework configuration works.
Hi Vipin

what you call phases (planning, executing etc) are NOT phases but process groups that may be necessary at any time during a project.

The timeline and sequence if a project is determined by the project lifecycle, which may be predictive or adaptive (agile) or in between.

For example, take a scrum sprint of 2 weeks, you are planning, executing and monitoring during the 2 weeks.

A good idea for preparing for the PMP exam now is to digest the Agile Practice Guide (APG) that was bundled with PMBoK Guide ed6.

Hi Vipin,
In my opinion is important to remember that, PMP is a guide dont a rigid framework. You can use the areas or process that you need in your projects, even you can mix approachs like hybrids.

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