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I'm looking into Citizen Developer Practitioner and was curious about the exam.
Does anyone have any info? I see it's 40 questions in 60m and that's all the info I can find. Assuming 75% to pass? Do they offer retakes if you fail? Do you have to take the exam within 30 days like DASM?
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Exam is 100% course based. When I did the exam, there was a time limit to taking the exam because it was in Beta phase but I don’t believe this is the case now.

For retakes, you need to pay a fee but not 100% sure how much.

Hi Lindsey -

You can retake the exam up to 3 times within a 180 day period at a cost of $50 per retake. There is no requirement to take the exam within 30 days. PMI does not provide cut scores for the exams. Many thanks for your interest and best of luck to you!

- Kimberly
Thanks Kimberly and Rami!
You're welcome Lindsey.
I just passed it tonight!

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