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The benefits of PMI membership
With PMI membership is all the online content, including webinars, courses, and virtual experience seminars series content and events free without cost to members?
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Webinars on this platform and the virtual experience seminars and other online conferences have been free. Courses will usually be at cost.
The virtual series that PMI holds are no longer all free. Some are, but not all.
I do agree with Rami. Some of them are still free.
Thank you for these comments. These will all be very helpful to my decision-making on deciding to obtain a PMI membership.

for me membership value is mainly being part of a global community, being able to contribute and learn and promoting the relevance of project management.

When PMI published the first PMBoK in 1983, they said four things make a profession
- a body of knowledge
- a code of ethics
- certification
- an institute

The last bullet point is the natural home of professionals.

Like always, if you believe (in the value of PM), look for sustained long term benefits, not short term immediate satisfaction.

As well, you will find some PMUniversity courses available for free on this platform.

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