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Release Planning in Agile
Unable to find detailed description of Release planning in Agile Practice Guide or The Scrum Guide. I am familiar with the concept of Scrum but the scrum process doesn't show release planning as one of its stages. What I understood is that Release Planning is not done in each iteration. It is performed when iteration is releasing a working deliverable. I need more details regarding Release Planning. How it is conducted and how it is time-boxed. Who are required in the Release planning apart from Core Team and Scrum Master?
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In my opinion, this is a good overview to get you started.
I'm not really surprised. A lot of scrum documentation is focused on the individual development team and scrum master. To get deeper into release planning, you'll want to look more into the product owner role and into scaling agile. Go to or Scrum Alliance and search for Release Plan to find more resources. Searching on this site also pulls up some interesting results.
I'm going to assume you are talking about software development work but please correct me if I am wrong.

In the field of software development the term "release planning" is perhaps a bit overloaded. Development teams often do automated and semi-automated releases to working software every single day. The amount of planning involved in actual releases may be negligible because it should be such a routine thing to do.

What perhaps you are referring to is long-term planning. In Scrum, planning beyond the current sprint is part of the backlog refinement process. The Scrum Guide says backlog refinement should happen but doesn't specify how to do it. Many teams do have regular backlog refinement meetings, typically including the PO, other stakeholders and some representative(s) of the development team. During backlog refinement, items are added to the backlog, details filled in and prioritisations made so that a longer-term picture is formed about what should be released and when.

Other frameworks are more specific about long-term planning. SAFe for example specifies regular PI Planning meetings for the whole team.
Scrum is a framework then you will not find methods/techniques/tools to work with Scrum In my personal opinion the best source to know about Release Planning is going to Scaled Agile and see SAFe. Just to understand the whole concept, no more than that.
Vipin -

Scrum focuses on construction/build-related concerns and not transition ones which is why release planning is missing there.

If you want a more holistic view of delivery including release planning, look into the Disciplined Agile toolkit as there are specific process goals related to releases and their planning in it.

As far as the "who" needs to be involved, it really depends on the product and organizational context, but at a bare minimum you'd want the team (including the agile lead and PO) as well as the operations and change management folks who will be sustaining the change coming from the release.


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