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L&D Structure in an organization?
Hey all! I'm working with a group to identify Leadership and Development trends. I'm wondering if anyone who's worked in this area would be willing to chat with me to answer some questions I have!

(1) What does your organization define as being part of L&D? What types of L&D does that include (structured learnings and programs, coaching opportunities, etc..)
(2) What technologies do you use for L&D?
(3) Are your opportunities reactive or proactive, both (do you reach out to individuals to provide training, or do you have individuals opt-in to certain training/request specific training for your group?)
(4) How are L&D programs marketed within your organization?
(5) Who champions L&D in your organization?
(6) What is your budget for L&D?
(7) What are the average sizes of L&D programs (how many participants)?
(8) What kinds of resources do you use to develop L&D programs (internal v external speakers)
(9) What kinds of self-directed learning opportunities does your organization utilize for L&D?

Not currently in an organization with this, will have to think about effective programs

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