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Biggest problem that PM’s face in our jobs
G’day folks - what is the biggest problem you have to deal with? I’ll kick-off by stating mine is influencing stakeholders when I am not their direct boss / functional head. Getting them to do what I want. Soft, inter-personal skills are important.
What is your biggest problem?
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Mine used to be ensuring that my personnel and resources didn't get poached.

The view was that my project was way ahead of where previous projects had been historically. I had to have a lot of conversations about the impact of losing resources/personnel so that I could get them back while minimizing risk to the project. One can only lose so many spokes to the wheel before the wheel ceases to perform.

If the risk to cost, performance, and/or schedule was minimal or we could work out a mutually beneficial agreement, I let it go.

Later issues were that team members supporting the project didn't have the right skillset. They either really needed a mentor or some other type of assistance. The organization was in a tough spot. Unfortunately, the work was not slowing down.

Currently, my biggest challenge is figuring out the right questions to ask so that we can tease out what the Stakeholders really want.
Grant -

The challenge I've hit most frequently has been a lack of reliable allocation of team members to the work being done. Without that, any type of forecasts are speculation.


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