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Drive Agile Framework like you stole it or fall back on top-down hierarchy
* Top leadership does not care what team or system structure is used in the organization as long as the objectives are achieved
* Some managers want to drive top-down managerial style (they probably don't even know they do
* Some managers want to have 'great team', 'honest feedback loops', 'engaged workforce', 'camaraderie'
* Some speak of using Jira to drive team engagement
* You are one of the managers

What would you do? (Fight, flight, mitigate?)
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I would like to mitigate
The key is to understand the phase inside the company life cycle the company is. If it is in the growth phase and the objectives are achieved not much to do except to work on creating the vision for the future working on actual pains and future possible pains. The problem with all you state above is "Some speak of using Jira to drive team engagement". Thinking in tools is the first step to try to get the silver bullet.
Andrew -

Here's another option: educate

Haha, Andrew

face reality.

Be agile enough to adapt (not the same as assimilate).
Remember why where you hired in the first place.
And if you were hired as agile priest, sorry, coach, you have to fight, which includes educating, influencing, preaching.

All others remember: Don't fight the system, use it.

All four proposed management approaches have a high level of risk. Fight or flight will not deliver the project - fight is adversarial and will continue throughout the project, flight will allow each faction to push their approach with the project essentially becoming dysfunctional.

That leaves us with mitigate. Not sure what is meant by that term but I would be looking for a "meeting -of-the-minds", a consensus (not a compromise) approach based on risk driven delivery. Project Charter time with sign-off.

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