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Masters of Project Management
I am considering doing a Masters of PM at Southern Cross University (Australia). Is there any review or comments on this course and its credibility in the industry?
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You better contact your local Chapter. Here, I have not heard about this university.
No idea about that school specifically (I'm in the US) but I got my Master's in Project Management about 15 years ago. It's been extremely helpful, even working for the US Government as I do. Our Government has very different training, credentials, and processes than do PMI and the rest of the world, but having that educational overlap has helped me immensely over the years (30+ years as a PM, so 15+ before I got my degree).
Not sure how it is down under but if you've been a PM practitioner many jobs in the states ask for having some sort of undergraduate and at times, not always, a PMP or PgMP if applying to a Project or Program Management Position. If you have an undergrad the time in practice in Project Management is less than someone without an undergrad before you can apply to take the PMP. You may need to purchase some study guides and other material and the cost of taking the PMP is much less both cost and time wise. Anecdotally, It's not always about the credentials or the projects managed. I have a BSEET, MSM, PgMP, PMP, and SCM and have seen well connected people with no credentials who thumb their nose at the PMP rise to be the Director of the PMO.

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