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version 7 PMBOK
Hello, I am curious when the PMP test will reflect the new version of the PMBOK.
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Jolene -

It is not going to be a cut over the way it was with previous editions as the Sixth and Seventh editions are complementary. Over time questions will be added to the exam item pool referencing the Seventh Edition but this will be a gradual process.


it gets more important to understand that the PMP exam is build on the exam content outline (ECO). It will use a bunch of books to draw content from, including the PMBoK (edition number not specified).

So I guess, ed6 and ed7 will both be to be considered for some time.


I totally agree with my fellow colleagues Thomas and Kiron.

It's already reflective of the new edition, at least in that the new edition is a recommended study text. Over time, PMI will add in more and more questions that draw on the suite of best practices and guidance, so we're going to be using both for the foreseeable future.
Remember that each edition is only a guide, not the entirety of the project management body of knowledge. That's why you can have a 6th edition PMBOK Guide that is not totally supplanted by the 7th edition PMBOK Guide.

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