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General Categories To Identify Project Risks
What are some common categories to start with identifying project risks?
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at best, the risk categories or potential sources of risk have been build from experience - what went wrong in the past with your projects.

If you are on a green field, you may start with the 10 knowledge areas of PMBoK pre-ed7. So, look at scope, cost, time, quality, stakeholder, procurement, resources, communication and integration as areas where risks may be identified.
Or you chose the 12 principles outlined in PMBok ed7, though I have no experience with that, they might be too broad.

The key is to support risk identification with using different perspectives, so invite stakeholders for that.

Or maybe organizations in your industry (telecoms?) have more specific risk categories. Ask people in their PMOs for their risk categories.

John -

A lot depends on the nature of your projects. You could look at the 7Ms or 8Ps of lean manufacturing and marketing to give you one taxonomy. You could look for examples of Risk Breakdown Structures online and pick one which is relevant to your project's domain. PMI's Standard for Risk Management has one such example...

A better method might be to look at the risks identified on past projects and use affinity grouping to come up with the categories.

Trying to add something to comments above my recommendation is taking a look to PMI´s Standard for Risk Management:
You can check with the organization's enterprise risk management group. You will have to make sure that your project risk management doesn't duplicate what is being done at the enterprise risk management level. In some cases, your project may need additional mitigation or contingency on certain risks than what is provided by the enterprise risk management.
This might be a good article to browse.
The categories differs depending on what you are looking at. For example, Risk Categories for Projects are different from those for the Organization. I understand you are askign about Project Risk Categories so below are the most common ones that I use:

1) Technical Risks
2) Regulatory Risks (Political or Legal)
3) Health and Safety Risks
4) Suply Chains Risks
5) Economical Risks
6) Evironmental Risks
7) Performance Risks

Hope this helps.

Risk management is a priority area, right from beginning of the project planning. Market survey of similar product or services should be conducted to minimize risks in project investment. Regular monitoring should be done to change project activities.

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