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Does anyone have a template for a project closure document?
Looking for a template for a project closure document
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Matthew -

There are a few available in the Templates section of this community - search for closeout or completion. However, I'd suggest also checking with your key stakeholders as to what their information needs are rather than just picking a template...

As Kiron suggests, make sure to tailor the template for your project. For example, fixed price/fixed scope projects can be tricky to get closure from your client: it doesn't matter if you've done everything stated when the client is unhappy.
Agree with @Kiron and @Shephane. Just to comment do not forget to include the business analyst or the person that defined the solution. Project manager is in charge to deliver what is defined as is defined. But business analyst is in charge for definition of it.
Most Important Activities to consider :
1- Lesson learned update
2-Project Archiving
3-Final Invoice Payed by customer

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