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Does anyone have a template for transitioning a project from one PM to another?
Looking for a good template for transitioning a project from one project manager to another.
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I've never run across a template for shifting a project between PMs. Usually, this is done through knowledge transfer, document transfer, and introductions to the team and key stakeholders.

I'd be interested in learning more about what kind of information you are expecting to capture in such a document...

My suggestion is to simply go through each project project management artefact and discuss the content, the format and the process for each one.
Kiron and Stephan made valid point. However, you better search the Template section of the website.
I concur with the above comments. I had also created a README file for the location of the various artifacts and anything of importance to note.

This next part is probably way beyond the scope of what you are considering.

I had completed a series of Knowledge Management classes in Dec. of 2020. However, knowledge management done well also involves putting into place a process otherwise the transfer of project knowledge may or may not make it past the 2nd generation of Project Manager who received the project. That is, without a process that is embedded into the organizational culture, knowledge transfer is more personality based.

That said, Knowledge Management is a sub discipline of Systems Engineering, and know there are classes out there for that kind of thing.

If desired, I can go find the vendor that taught the classes I completed.
Besides looking at documented knowledge, process knowledge and other hard facts, consider tacit knowledge (e.g. shadow the old PM for some weeks) and stakeholder engagement (build your own relationships).

It also depends if the old PM is still available and willing to share and how much authority he/she shared with the team. Also, if the situation is a crisis, you might be forced to care about other things first like customer satisfaction or staff attrition.

Good luck
It depends so much on why the PM is being replaced. In many cases its an opportunity to revisit the project delivery approach, or implementation of a project management succession plan. In other cases it could be unplanned and immediate.

PM transition should be a risk management process available for implementation in short order, not only for a planned change but also the unexpected. Forget the checklist - proper project management applies regardless. My project should be able to proceed even if I don't show tomorrow morning.

I had a situation where I replaced a PM who developed a terminal illness - one day's notice, two phone calls. He was a accomplished PM as was I but our styles were significantly different. The transition took a month with minimal impact on project delivery.
1) advise client,
2) advise staff,
3) get up to date on scope and mandate including review of Charter, Plan, Risk Register, Communication plan, constraints and known challenges,
4) identify strength and weakness (SWAT)
5) get on with the job.
My advise to do the following :

1- check the latest Project Status report
2-Check Project financial status
3-Check Project Current Time Schedule Vs Baseline
4-Check Planned activities for coming period
5-Attend one meeting with customer
To add to what has been said, check expectations. Make sure that what the team is delivering, what the sponsor expects, and what the requirements state all align (including any approved changes). I've "inherited" projects that were misaligned. It wasn't hard to find the problems, but company politics made fixing the problem more difficult than it needed to be.

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