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Does anyone have a suggestion on a good way of a schedule that can be used for personnel scheduling among several projects?
WE are trying to find a schedule that would allow me to show Indvidual's assigned to a project as we move them around between projects.
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I have been successful in setting up enterprise resources in a master Microsoft Project file then adding the projects they were involved in as sub-projects to the master.
I agree with @Stéphane because we did the same in the company I am working today. Now we are using MS Azure DevOps which I could say it have the same feature but focused on capacity.
Joshua -

How many folks are we talking about and how many projects? MSP will work well up to a certain scale but beyond that you might want to look at a true enterprise resource planning or PPM tool.

MSP can handle this. You will find other software as well, e.g. Primavera, SmartSheets, etc.
As Kiron mentioned, it depends on the size of the projects, # of involved people, etc.
Thank you everyone for the help. I have not had a lot of experience with MP, but did get in there today and was able to get it setup and working the way I was looking for.
We are all on FileMaker Pro and developed all the needed programs in house in FM.
Because everyone can have an input, it's all in constant improvement.
It motivates when one sees a feature proposal implemented.

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