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Exploring Multimedia Web Conferencing
Suduc, A. M., Bizoi, M., & Filip, F. G. (2009) presented an exploratory study on multimedia web conferencing systems, their advantages, and disadvantages, and a use case, meant to highlight several of this technology benefits and problems.
The Internet changed the perspective on meetings and on decision-making processes. Virtualization of meetings has become a common way for collaboration among employees, customers, partners, trainees, trainers, etc. Web conferencing allows the collaboration between teams’ members to achieve common goals. Without the need for traveling and meeting organizations, the web conferencing applications permit the participation of people from different locations. Web conferencing applications are multimedia systems that allow various remote collaborations with multiple types of resources.

How do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in the virtualization of meetings?

What challenges have you faced with the virtualization of meetings since the pandemic change our landscape?

Suduc, A. M., Bizoi, M., & Filip, F. G. (2009). Exploring multimedia Web conferencing. Informatica Economica, 13(3).

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