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Is OSHA Certification useful for PMs?
I see a lot of people in the Project Management/Construction have a OSHA Certification, is that really important or useful for the Project Manager?
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Well, this is just my uninformed opinion, the OSHA certification is a valuable certification, in general, to have for a PM but it will hold more weight in industries where high-risk environments are common such as construction, oil&gas, and agriculture. It would also be important for any high-risk job or jobs with potential danger to stakeholders.
Sonia -

Any certification can be useful if it teaches you a new set of skills so long as it is not used as a substitute for bringing in a health and safety SME as a team member if the complexity or context of your project demands it.

I took the OSHA course and certification years ago a it was a requirement for our Oil and Gas Construction Projects. I found it to be very useful.
Good insight, thanks all

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