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Recommendations for Leadership Training for PMs
Does anyone have any experience finding good leadership training, especially if it could be tailored for project managers in a weak-matrix organization (limited role power)? In person training would be preferred, but not required if there's a good virtual training.
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Have you considered Toastmasters, Kurt? I joined over 15 years ago to help my communication skills. I stayed to keep on improving on my leadership skills.
Kurt -

You could consider the leadership courses offered by American Management Association as they do have a few which address the topic of influence, persuasion and getting things done without formal authority.

What skills do you want to develop? Are there specific outcomes you're hoping to achieve? "Leadership" training covers a lot of topics and you can find courses that deal with several, broadly, or a few in depth.

Given that you are in a weak-matrix organization, I'd guess that topics like Influencing/Persuading, Situational Awareness, and Appreciative Inquiry (AI) would be higher up on your list. You could probably find content on YouTube or Udemy on any of these topics if you wanted to break things up - you could spend a few days in an AI class, but that might not be the most efficient use of your training time if there are other topics you want to dig into.
American Management Association provides a few good ones.

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