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Best Practices on Customer Product Transition
Hello all. My company is rolling out a new version of a long existing product, which will include a new platform and pricing model. My task is ensuring that the transition from the old version to the new version goes as smoothly as possible for our existing customers.

Any advice from experience or literature on best practices would be extremely helpful. From my google searching so far, the customer transition is a single point that says something like "set up a transition process" on a timeline. I need a deep dive into that point.

Thanks in advance!
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I would recommend looking at some "transfer to operations" checklists applicable to whatever technology applies to your product.

Not all products or transitions are equal, but transitions occur the world over whether it is to an end-customer, or an internal one like from development to manufacturing, operations, or test and evaluation. Those templates can be used as a starting point.

You should really work the transition together with your customer. Do they understand the product changes and how the will affect their own business? Do they need training, new SW/HW to use the product, spares to maintain it etc.? Is there a complex process for handing over the keys whether they are physical or digital?

Suppliers often do not fully understand the customers' needs, nor do customers fully understand the changes to a product so transition planning should be collaborative or your customer may have some unexpected and unpleasant surprises during the transition process.
Max -

One critical factor is to identify all stakeholders who are needed for the transition from an involvement or a signoff perspective. Once you've done that, they will be able to provide a lot of the requirements which could go into the transition planning process.

You'll also want to check for any organizational standards related to such transitions.

Finally, if the impact is moderate or greater, engaging a change management person proactively will be extremely valuable.

My recommendation is going to IEEE Standards about the topic. You will find the standards and practical examples about to apply them.

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