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Value Stream Management Micro-Credential feedback
Hi All,
I'm planning to take the Value Stream Management Micro-Credential and I was wondering if anyone can provide feedback about it? Is it worth taking it?
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As far as I know, it is a subset of the content covered in the DAVSC workshop so the content itself should be good. As far as usefulness, if you don't already know about VSM, it might help you with improving existing processes, but it's unlikely to result in any kind of a career boost given how new it is.

It’s a great course and it added lots of value to me. I highly recommend it.
I'm a Lean Black Belt, so I'm familiar with VSMs from that perspective. I will mostly likely do this as a possible "quick win" certification in future.

I think the training agenda looks ok if you're already familiar with Agile & Lean concepts. I'm not familiar with Agile budgeting & funding, so I'd like to see that in more detail.
Orla -

I would say that it is a different take on VSM than what you'd see in a LSS context. Having gone through LSS BB training myself, I found the DAVSC content to be aligned but different enough...


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