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Is there a way I can sign up for mentoring?
Im new to Project Management, and I was looking to see if there are any mentoring or volunteer programs.
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While I did not participate on that, I think one of the best way to gain into practical experience is to work inside a local PMI Chapter as volunteer.
Jade -

As Sergio has suggested, I'd start by joining and contacting your local PMI chapter as many chapters have mentoring programs and most usually have plenty of volunteering opportunities over the year. You can also check for opportunities in PMI's VRMS.

You better pay your local Chapter a visit.
You should also look within your company to see if they have a mentoring program. If you have a project management office, ask them.

yes, several Chapters entertain mentoring programs. Most are laid out to enable face 2 face mentorships. Then you have to live/work close to the Chapter.

Given that we are used to virtual video communication now, you could also go global. Look at the core contributors here, read their comments and get a feeling with whom you might want to team up.

Then write them an inbox message here and ask them. Maybe explain what you expect.

Real leaders will 1. respond promptly and 2. help you if they can

Most PMI local chapters have mentorship programs so check with you local chapter.
You could search for mentorship at your Local Chapter.
You can find the Local Chapter of your region on this link:

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