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PMI Career Navigator

Is anyone using PMI Career Navigator for setting roadmap and learning plan? I think idea of the tool is great however PMI doesn't put too much attention in preparing this tool and directing members to take paid courses.

Under Develop Technical Skills You need to download and read Practice Standard for Scheduling with estimated 10hrs reading or watch Virtual Conference for 8hrs.... total to complete all tasks is around 29hrs.

Another one is Learn Agile Principles with total to complete 1d23hrs and they ask You to take paid course offered on the CCRS with duration of 15hrs or to complete online course The Complete Agile Project Manager with estimated 18hrs :)
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I used this before and it suggested that I take the PgMP Credential which I did. The learnings this platform suggests are long term ones, not short term so it makes sense they require lots of time.

I've also used the tool and found the development suggestions to be interesting. It had some good suggestions for the short-term but not as many for the long-term. I suppose that should be normally expected.

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