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I just completed the Google Project Management program. Should I apply to take the CAPM or PMP or CSM exam.
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Courtney -

Assuming PMI recognizes the Google program as valid "contact hours" for certification purposes, it will come down to your level of experience leading projects.

If you have sufficient to meet the PMP requirements and your career path is in project management, go for that.

The CSM is useful only if you have NO agile experience and expect to be in an entry-level Scrum Master role or are a PM transitioning from traditional to adaptive delivery. It is complementary to the PMP, not competing with it.

If you have agile delivery experience, I'd suggest PMI's ACP instead or one of the DA certifications...

If you have project management experience, I highly recommend you go ahead with PMP provided that the hours from the courses taken do count as eligible contact education hours.
Hi Courtney, I found this on the page for the Cousera Google Project Managemet Certificate.
In addition, graduates of the Google Project Management Certificate will qualify for over 100 hours of project management education that apply to PMI credentials
This can be found here:
From what I hear, Courtney, the CAPM is similar Google Project Management program, so there may not be great value in completing it.
Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate your assistance.

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