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PMO engagement criteria
Hi! We're standing up our internal HR PMO and I'm looking for recommendations for setting criteria for requesting PM assistance. Anyone care to share their own engagement criteria?
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Nicole -

I'd start off by defining:

1. What is a "project" from your organization's perspective (rather than the PMBOK definition). For example, any change initiative taking more than 35 hours of estimated effort needs to be treated as a project.

2. Working with the "right" stakeholders, identify the characteristics of a project which would require PM support vs those where a non-PM lead could run with it. This could be based on factors such as: estimated cost, number of stakeholder groups directly impacted, expected financial benefits, level of risk or complexity and any other factors which make sense in your context.

In my case, each time I worked on this type of things, I used the same criteria to start up a business unit. Organization has to define the portfolio/program/project management functions that will be assigned to the PMO. After that, each function has to be decomposed into procedures and procedures have to be defined. For both things organization can take PMBOK version 6 as a guide. It is not enough if organization like to create a governance model to be supported by the PMO and additional procedures has to be defined to define how other business unit with interact with the PMO which in fact will be the services the PMO will deliver. With all that on hand somebody has "to sell" it to the rest of the organization.
I agree with Sergio. Organization can take PMBOK version 6 as a guide. Also, PMBOK version 7 are stated the updated guidelines for Project Management Office in Appendix X3.

I start with understanding the needs of the people I serve as a PMO. Normally these are management, project managers (big projects, small projects), project team members and above all the PMO sponsor.

They might have typically needs like higher transparency, work overload, too many escalations, etc.. The functionality you provide via PMO are addressing these (prioritised) needs, and you can establish metrics, as-is and to-be, to measure progress.

Always start with knowing your stakeholders.


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