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Do you have someone project management experience and templates for launching a small machine-building enterprise?
My friend asked me for advice on launching a food truck production project (up to 50 people). Someone had a similar experience establishing production; unfortunately, I was not often associated with organizing a small shopfloor from scratch in the USA. Maybe someone had such an experience?
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I would recommend consulting with an industrial engineer.

I have created plans for design through test of a small scale production of a high performance vehicle, but that is more like a small airplane than a mobile kitchen.

A couple of questions that would help scope the plan though are:

1) Is this a design/build project or is the design existing and the project is only for the production facility. Design decisions steer manufacturing requirements.

2) Is the manufacturing intended to be more like an assembly line, or a machine shop with all the needed capabilities but not really optimized for flow? Low rate production often involves a shop that can do anything but requires more setup time between operations, rather than doing one specific thing very efficiently.

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