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PM Master's Program Mentor
Hi Gentlefolks, I am a student in a PM Master's program. I am looking for a mentor for the next 8 weeks, preferably someone in the IT field. I am not sure if this is the correct forum. If there is a better location for this type of question, please let me know.
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You better pay your local Chapter a visit!

I am located in Germany, so we are 6 hours apart.
I have served as mentor in several such programs, normally with a few zoom calls and emails hence and forth. You should also get questions to ask the mentor from the school.

If you want to try me out, send me your email thru the messaging function here.

This is asynchronous and virtual mentoring. It works. No mask required.

I agree with Abolfazl. A good option is to visit your local chapter, and ask for a mentor according to your specific needs.
I have helped PM students as well. I'm only one hour ahead of you. :)

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