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Construction Project Management, Canada. Advice and suggestions?
Hi all! I'm a construction project manager with 7 years' experience in Design and Build as well as Project Management assignments, and a minor specialization in Workplace Strategy. I am relocating to Canada in 2023.
Would appreciate any advice on looking for a job, the market, the skills required, leads, and anything, really!
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The focus here is more on the so-called Canadian experience. You may need to start from a lower position, however, plan ahead and get yourself familiar with the Canadian job market and construction industry.
Rami will be able to provide you with specific details regarding the construction PM job market in Canada, but one challenge you are likely to face is that many Canadian employers place much more importance on "local experience" than employers in the U.S.

This acts like a Catch-22 for many candidates as they need a job to gain that local experience.

To overcome this, the best bet is to network extensively and have someone provide you with a warm introduction to a hiring manager so that you are not just one of a few hundred or more resumes.

I'd also suggest joining the PMI chapter in advance of your arrival which is closest (geographically) to where you expect to stay and start to network virtually with some of the members.


My fellow colleagues provided solid advise and I totally agree with them. I personally encountered this myself when I first moved to Canada where I was surprised that most employers were looking and asking for local Canadian experience. This probably improved a bit, but you will still find it there.

You will eventually find a job, but you need to be patient and make sure you have enough to support yourself for 6 to 12 months (It took me 8 months to find my first job here in Canada back in the days) and you need to be prepared to start with a step down like a project coordinator (if you are a PM now) or similar.

Networking and building connections is important and you can start doing so while you are overseas and connect with companies and recruiters.

We are not trying to demotivate your but we are providing you with the reality of how things run here in Canada and what to expect.

Hope this helps.

I'm a bit more optimistic than some of my friends in that Canada is currently very busy with infrastructure delivery AND there is a need for adaptation and innovation. External experience may be all we need to move us along.

I am not in a position to help directly being retired.

However you need to be able to show how you can improve their bottom line. What you can bring to the able to enhance project success. Your experience balancing the cost-time-scope challenge; Familiarity with risk management; Stakeholder management ability; Application of latest IT.

Many of the larger infrastructure projects are exploring different procurement methods or philosophies - Public Private Partnership, Integrated Project Delivery, Lean Construction. Be familiar with these concepts.

Good luck

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