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Looking for software for construction/engineering project management. What do organizations use?
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When I have opportunity to work on that domain in medium/large companies I always used Primavera. Few times I used SAP Portfolio and Project Management software in some of them that used SAP as their central software system.
It depends on industry and application.
MS Project
Other candidates, Jared: Jira, Trello, Asana and Wrike.
In the USA the preferred tool in construction industry is Oracle Primavera P6.
In other countries construction managers use also Asta PowerProject and Spider Project.
I have used Primavera, e-builder, B2W, and ORACLE prime. Each have advantages and disadvantages. Primavera P6 is great for scheduling but not that great to manage programs or portfolios. ORACLE prime is great for scheduling and program/portfolio management and allows the creation of custom processes that can serve your business needs and includes workflows, etc... e-Builder is an integrated project management that have limited schedule management capabilities but great budget, planning, cash flow, procurement management, and other items and also support customized process creation just like ORACLE prime and is what my place of employment is using (combined with Primavera P6 that can be imported into e-builder and the use of MS Power BI provide all that is needed). B2W have a great estimating tool but their project management tool have limited capabilities in comparison.
Microsoft Project & Primavera are largely the ones favorable for universal acceptance.

Recently, I have also tried using Autodesk's Construction Cloud's features for further effectively managing project's documentations, sharing, collaboration etc. Although it is nowhere in competition with MS Project & Primavera, I found it quite useful in aspects which the MSP & Primavera don't address.

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