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Typical waterfall approach could be totally replaced by an agile approach?
Lately I have seen an increment on the application of agile frameworks. I feel that the project mangement community is pushing for using agile aproach instead of predective aproach (this beacuse of as PM's we are facing changing enviroments).

At this point, I had introduced adaptative aproach to some parts of my pharmeceutical projects (hybrid).

My question here is, it is possible to use agile frameworks (let say SCRUM) to typical waterfall projects (construction for instance)?
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There is a general confusion between approaches and life cycles. Waterfall is a life cycle, Agile is an approach. Agile can be applied using waterfall life cycles. The same with Lean or things like that. Some frameworks/methods are "selling" as a mean to apply agile, for example Scrum. Relating to construction, usually you can use Agile based approaches depending on the type of project but in general it is applied in early phases of the project like idea and design.
Primitivo -

As Sergio has indicated, we need to separate a specific life cycle choice from an an adaptive approach to dealing with changes over the life of a project. The former might not be suitable for all phases of a construction project, but the latter is.

I agree with Sergio and Kiron

My fellow colleagues provided solid advise. In construction for example, we use a hybrid approach. During design phase, we incorporate an agile approach while during construction, we use mostly predictive approach and that’s due to the nature of the industry but still for some aspect like procurement, we use lean/agile approaches like for example JIT procurement.

Using an approach is heavily dependant on the industry itself.

You can use adaptive and predictive approaches side-by-side. Sometimes you will need more of one than the other. You adjust the amounts, as necessary, during your project.
The answer is NO! Different methodology are best for different type of projects. Waterfall is required for projects with tasks that must completed sequentially to completion. Waterfall is horrible for software development.

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