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Project plan that auto-generated based on duration of project, sub-tasks and dependencies
Hello all,

I am part of a large programme of work fitting out a hospital. I am looking for a tool (that isn't MS Project or Excel) that will auto generate a plan based on:

1) a fixed date range of when the project needs to complete
2) has fixed durations of activities
3) will be able to schedule dependencies

The project starts in November and ends in February. We have to install IT, clean the environment, install equipment etc. I know the duration of activities (e.g. WiFi installation takes 2 days), fire reparations need to occur afterwards and take 2 days etc. This is an 11 story building so will need to plan how to do this for each level.

Does anyone know of a tool that will allow me to input this data and produce the plan automatically for me? Many thanks.

Kind regards,
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Primavera P6 might be a suitable scheduling tool for you.
Oliver -

Out of curiosity, why not MSP? Unless the schedule has a ridiculously large number of activities OR you need the robust costing module which Oracle P6 offers, MSP should be usable...

I concur with my colleagues. P6 is a very powerful tool with more capability than you will probably ever discover. I think the license cost is about 10x that of MSP however, so if you don't need all that, I'd go with a more right-sized tool.
The real question is what do you need this plan to look like? A project is not just about schedule.
Fieldwire, not only about the schedule, also the layout of the building, materials, costs, resources, simple not expensive like primav but worth it.

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