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How become a PMI teacher ?
I would like to know which are the prerequisites to teach PMI certification ?
Is it any training ?

Thank you for your informations.
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Bonjour Pierre,
Just get in contact with the PMI office for procedures on how to become an authorized center
Pierre -

If you wish to teach using PMI's own PMP prep materials, you will need to either join an Authorized Training Partner near you or become an ATP. This site will provide you info on that:

You would need to be a PMP in good standing, and complete the prerequisite ATP "modern learner" training which PMI requires for all ATP Instructors.

On the other hand, if you wanted to develop your own or license a non-PMI third-party courseware, there really are no prerequisites...

Authorized Training Partner is your way to go. I also agree with Kiron's last statement

why limit yourself to PMI?
If you were to become a general PM teacher, you could attract a wider audience, practice in universities, and draw from more examples.


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