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Project Implementation Plan
Hi All,

In new PMP Training material, (Module 2 , Topic A: Determine Appropriate Methodology for Project). There is concept of "Project Implementation Plan"

Can someone help me to understand if Project Charter is created & Project Plan will be created in next phase?
Then why we need Project Implementation plan? also who creates it? Can someone give me real time examples?

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Could you specify aout what document are you talking about? Thanks

yes, the Charter comes first, that is how you know a project exists for your organization. It should be created and signed by the project sponsor, but many times the project manager writes it.

Although there might be project relevant documents before the charter, like a business case.

As to PMI, there is no project plan and there is no project implementation plan. There is a set of plans (like schedule, cost budgeting) that are put together in what PMI calls project management plan. It is created by the project manager plus team.

The project management plan is progressively elaborated during the project, as new information becomes known. So a the most correct project management plan exists only at the end of the project.

In the context of determining the methodology, I suspect they are referring to the delivery model. In disciplined agile for example the tool kit has a flow chart to help determine whether a lean/kanban approach or a PD type approach would be the better choice.

That precedes the project plan itself.

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